Connected Infrastructure

Connected Infrastructure – What Is It, Exactly?

If you walk through the hallways of the Inherent Technologies offices, one phrase you’re bound to hear over and over is “Connected Infrastructure.” By this point, Connected Infrastructure has become enmeshed in our very DNA. It’s what we’re all about!


What do we mean by Connected Infrastructure? Essentially, it’s a comprehensive solution of technology, products, design and network infrastructure aligned in a way that optimizes the efficiency and productivity of a data center. Organizations benefit in five key ways: 1) Performance; 2) Time Savings; 3) Space Availability; 4) Customer Experience; and 5) Sustainability.

This is about going BEYOND power and cooling to give organizations next-generation effectiveness and support their key IT initiatives by:
  • Improving density and overall data center throughput;
  • Maximizing data center space and rack unit availability;
  • Optimizing staff resources in the data center;
  • Many pre-built templates
  • Reducing operating costs and expenses;
  • Minimizing downtime with better cable infrastructure;
  • Delivering fully integrated solutions that work seamlessly together and deploy more quickly.

If practiced properly, the principles of Connected Infrastructure should deliver the five tangible benefits listed above in the following ways:


• Eliminate downtime with better cable management;

• Racks with integrated cable management to protect performance;

• Increased port density for maximum rack utilization;

• Improved channel performance with co-engineered cable and connectivity;

• Lower insertion loss to meet fiber application budget; and

• Seamless integration of pathways and physical infrastructure for optimum cable performance.

Time Savings

    • • Reduce time for installation and moves/adds/changes;
    • • Faster deployment with pre-terminated copper and fiber solutions;
    • • Unique features for faster installation of physical infrastructure;
    • • Cable pathways with physical infrastructure for faster deployment time;
    • *Faster termination process for copper and fiber; and
    • Reduced technician time with better flexibility to mix comer and fiber on the same rack unit.


Space Availability

    • • Advanced cooling and air flow solutions for maximum capacity;
      • Smaller outside diameter cables and mixed media support increased density and flexibility;
      • Taller racks support up to 38% more RU space in the same square footage;
      • Increased port density frees up RUs;
    • Integrated overhead patching to free up real estate for active equipment.

Customer Experience

    • • Interactive tools to enhance project and customer experience;
    • • National and global coordination of logistics and contractors;
    • • A single point of contact for the entire project from design through deployment;
    • • Solution guides and plans based on field expertise with proven deployments; and
    • Seamless integration of co-designed products to simplify installation and deployment.



    • • RoHS-compliant products;
    • • Solutions that contribute to LEED certification;
    • • Integrated air flow management to enhance cooling efficiency without additional energy use;
    • • Increased recycled material and reduced packaging;
    • • Reduced energy use – up to 95% — with integrated closed coupled cooling; and
  •  • Strong commitment to sustainability practices.