Connected Fleets

Connected Fleet Solutions Turn data into valuable insights

When it comes to operating fleets of the future, you need to make use of every tool that’s available to harness the power of your data. And Penske is here to help. Our connected fleet solutions enable you to understand onboard technology, gain visibility, simplify compliance and increase fleet efficiency.

Connecting Fleets

  1. Get objective advice from a team of experts
  2. Understand all the available onboard technology options
  3. Select and implement the best solution

Providing Insights

  1. Get greater insight into fleet performance
  2. Make data-driven fleet management decisions
  3. Access tools that put data at your fingertips
  4. Help drivers manage required paperwork
  5. List ItemEnsure compliance with all laws and government regulations

Oh Yes!

Enhancing Service

  1. Increase fleet efficiency
  2. Boost uptime to keep your fleet running smoothly
  3. Increase driver productivity
  4. Maximize fleet performance

The Future Is Here

Using a proprietary, device-neutral data platform, Inherent Technologies can connect its systems with virtually any truck and engine configuration or telematics service provider. This unique approach makes it easy to connect your vehicles and share your vehicle data with us. We’ve designed these connected fleet solutions to improve vehicle uptime, safety and compliance, and help give you visibility to your fleet.

Inherent Technologies connected fleet solutions also enable faster roadside assistance call triage and improved vehicle maintenance through remote diagnostics, location data, and big data analytics. Our approach also provides a technological path to providing predictive vehicle maintenance.